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Is Korean President Kim Jong Un Really Dead And They Are Hiding The News



An awry news broke out this morning claiming that the South Korea president Kim Jong Un was in a dare grave danger after undergoing a cardiovascular surgery.

Many news outlets especially the ones based in Asia on Monday cited that the 36 years old Kim’s life was in a grave danger, but there were several news making round this morning 21 April 2020 that he is recovering in a hospital.

Although the two South Korean government sources have rejected CNN report without explaining in full details on the surgery.But The presidential Blue House said there were no unusual signs coming from the reclusive state building nuclear weapons.

An online news outlet base in North Korea, Daily NK last week reported  that the North Korean president had been admitted to a hospital hours before he embarked on the heart surgery due to heavy smoking.

According to a source speaking Kim have had a terrible breathing problems after he visited Mount Paektu since last year August, a sacred Mountain in the Country.

“My understanding is that he had been struggling since last August but it worsened after repeated visits to Mount Paektu,” a source was quoted as saying, referring to the country’s sacred mountain.

Though it is never believed if the North Korean leader has died and there is a cover up from the Korean government but there is still no evidence to prove of his demise.

According to Reuters, On April 12, North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong Un had visited an airbase and observed drills by fighter jets and attack aircraft.

Two days later North Korea launched multiple short-range anti-ship cruise missiles into the sea and Sukhoi jets fired air-to-surface missiles as part of military exercises.

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