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Farah Bach



Biography & Profile of Farah Bach


REAL NAME Farah Bach
AGE In her 20s
COUNTRY Indonesia

Few Things To Know About Farah Bach

Farah Bach is an Indonesian actress

She is  also a scuba diver

She  took the character of Sheila in Love Cenat-Cenut 2 an Indonesian soap opera.

Farah Bach is into traveling & acts for and she lives in Thalassophile.

Farah Bach Tweets


Farah Bach 🇮🇩 The sun was on hide-and-seek mode that day so we took out garden lamps and switched on outside lights. I stood there thinking of back up plans while the others were checking last minute stuff before we started rolling. Took a few shots (and even waited for the rain to stop) but ended up doing everything all over again as dark clouds quickly cleared up. Oh man!

By the way, my first Youtube video is finally up! Do check it out (the link is on my instagram bio) and don't forget to hit like, subscribe, and share button. Thanks so much for your support! Happy self-quarantine you guys!

#stayhome #stayhomechallenge #stayhomesavelives #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomeclub #selfquarantine #selfisolation #selfisolating #selfisolate #fightcoronavirus #fightcorona #stayhealthy #stayhealthyandfit Photo by Farah Bach 🇮🇩 on April 12, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, plant

Farah Bach Contacts

Email –

Phone – +6281288029631 (uqie)


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