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SA Men Are Biggest Gold Diggers – Simphiwe Dana Says After Break Up With Ex Lover, Leshoto Itsweng



Tweeps are not taking it so lightly with  Simphiwe Dana after her statement that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. Simphiwe Dana also claimed that SA men even dig the maintenance money and not paying back the maintenance money.

Simphiwe Dana stated this in a series of tweets via her official twitter handle. Her statement got tweeps angry as they started a hash tag campaign on twitter #SimphiweDanaMustFall.

Read Simphiwe Dana tweets below:-

Truth is that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. They even dig the maintenance money. Bacele iUber. Ubathengele iairtime. Ubabhatalele irent. They’re driving your car. Using your bank card. And you’re paying all the bills. Shameless. Still have the audacity to go out there and say they’re taking care of you. That you a gold digger. They’re not paying maintenance.

This is not based on any known fact. Not in SA. SA men are gold diggers wethu. Qha us women women siyabaquma.

Misogynists are sucky with that bad choices you made bullshit. Because it can never be that men are just shit in general. And in this case SAns. South African women generally date broke men. And we elevate them.

Slut shaming women for having sex is the lowest denominator too. And apparently South Africans excel at this too. To run away from responsibility because, gold diggers. Both my kids from one SA, Xhosa man. Y’all are trying so hard to slut shame me.

Recall that earlier this year Simphiwe Dana handed herself over to the police after her ex boyfriend Leshoto Itsweng, opened a case of assault and crimen injuria against her. This is followed by a domestic violence dispute in which Simphiwe had initially opened a case against her ex-lover, Leshoto Itsweng, at the Norwood Police Station.

She had some time ago confessed of having an affair with a popular pastor.

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