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#Robert Kanyita Must Fall Trends Online



UMalambane or Malambane who’s real name is Robert Kanyita has caused the social community bubble after he blocked a lady who reportedly revealed him of how he continuously rape his 11 year old sister.


The news went viral on Twitter and many took turn to demand his fall, even when some of the social media users didn’t know his exact story.


The young lady who revealed Robert Kanyita’s alleged rape story said his mother’s name is Rebecca while his sister’s name the actual victim here is Doti.

“UMalambane’s real name is Robert Kanyita the son of Simon and Rebbeca Kanyita from Malawi. He blocked me because i told him the truth about how and why he was chased out of his parents house when he was 18. Malambane continuously raped his 11 year old sister Sarah….”

According to the lady, Robert is currently living in South Africa Pretoria with his gangster friends and working closely with 3 well know celebrities and some politicians to harrass and ruin other celebrities lives.

He doesn’t is not employ but runs a drug business around pretoria. Twitter is the only platform where he spreads hate amongst black south Africans especially celebrities.

Some South Africans love him because of the hate he spreads about other South Africans and that’s exactly what he wants. To devide them.



South Africans have taken their time on the social media community to criticize Malambane for the evil act he committed.


The alleged Robert Kanyita  was the winner of Black Twitter awards hosted by  Madzenga on the social media platform

The Award was captioned

“Firstly, I would like to thank 6000+ who took time to vote

for the best Twitter Account. The competition was free & fair. I am glad to announce that ‘UmalambaneZN’ won the best Account! #BlackTwitterAwards #TshamaKaya


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