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Lyrid Meteor shower 2020 South Africa: How to Watch, Date & Time



South Africans should be ready to experience another wonders of creation as April Lyrid meteor shower expected to rock the earths’s sky this week.

It is expected that the appearance of Lyrid meteors will be virtually visible on any night through April 25 2020.. they will be above quarter of their maximum numbers like 2 and half days.


On Tuesday April 21 and into the early hours of Wednesday April 22 will be the peak hours when the lyrids meteor will be visible, it is expected that up to 10 and 20 meteors per an hour will be visible under dark shade and clear skies.

To get a very clear view of this wonderful heavenly bodies you have to find a comfortable spot and lay down with your head tilted backwards and looking at the north of your position.


For science students who have the knowledge of star constellation It is situated in the same vicinity as the Pictor, Dorado and Canna constellations.

But don’t look directly at the Lyra constellation it would make the meteors appear to have short tails. Instead, look at the sky as a whole, and the meteors will be more likely to appear with a long tail.


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