There is an ongoing rampage  right now at the Robert Sobukwe Drive near the N2 cale Town following a food looting spree.

The news was posted on social media had a video showing huge number of people crowded around a truck with food items and the people their were not maintaining any form of social distancing.


Police or any security operatives where not there to curtail the situation this possibly could escalate to another riot or fight, even as the government issued warning that people should maintain social distance while locked up in crowded places yet some people are not taking the instructions.

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watch the video below..

Food items looted in Robert Sobukwe Drive near the N2 Cale Town

“Most people survive on piece jobs and now with the current lockdown regulations poverty is the main issue, this lockdown doesn’t cater for the impoverished to be honest, good job but next time just take the food don’t stone the truck comrades.” a concerned user commented

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