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Baviaansport Prison in Pretoria? Prisoner with Phone captures fights between the Warders and Other Prisoners (Video)



But should prisoners be allowed to strike? Isn’t essential that they stay criminals until released? this was a question coming from a concerned South African watching this viral footage of a Baviaansport Prison in Pretoria were prisoners took over the stage fighting the policemen back to back.

On what looked like a fights between the prison warders and the prisoners broke out in Baviaansport Prison in Pretoria today.

The video which was posted online sparked outrage and got many people criticizing the government for allowing prisoners the right to carry phones while in prison.

Many South Africans doubted the level of free space given to the prisoners, a social media said on twitter “South Africa Is A Joke

Prisoners Are Living Better Than US People Outside, They Get Free Food, They Have Cellphones, They Waer Abo Gucci.”

This obvious that criminals now have more rights than law abiding citizens which shouldn’t be so.

Just last few years a criminal from the prison pripheral called the South African call justice and correctional services minister Michael Masutha using their cellphones, A device many thought that where contraband behind bars.

The revealed that he received all manner of calls, 24/7 from prisners on numerous occasions, because his contact number was readily made available to members of the public. He went further to reveal that those calls should come from the landline phones that were available in prisons.

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