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Alyson McClaran



Profile & Biography Of Alyson McClaran

Real Name Alyson McClaran
Age Early 30s
Country Colorado,United States Of America
Popular For What Taking Pictures Of Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Denver
Boyfriend Marc Zenn

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Who Is Alyson McClaran

Meet Alyson McClaran she is a Photojournalist from Colorado living in Denver, she is the woman who took the viral pictures of people in Scrubs blocking Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Denver.

Early life & Birthplace Of Alyson McClaran

Alyson McClaran is Denver-based freelance photographer born in Colorado.

Relationship & Love Life

Alyson McClaran is in a relationship with her Marc Zenn who is also into the world of photography, he was with Alyson taking videos of the woman screaming at the man who stood unmoved through her way.

Work And Career Of Alyson McClaran

Alyson McClaran obtained her degree in photojournalism from MSU Denver a Metropolitan State University of Denver that is fully accredited for offering various bachelor’s and master’s degrees in downtown Denver in Colorado.

She have gotten several photojournalism awards from her work according to her, her work brings the ability to recognize the moments you’ll want to immortalize in life.

Alyson have worked for newspapers for five years across the state and she have gained experience in working in several different shooting conditions.

Few Things You Need To Know About Photographer Alyson McClaran

Alyson took time on Sunday 19th April 2020 and went to the state Capitol to capture pictures of hundreds of people who had gathered there to protest the stay-at-home order in the Colorado capital. the protesters were group of conservatives who are calling for an end to lockdown measures implemented to stop the COVID-19 spread in US.

Her pictures have covered scenes which where perfectly captured with ongoing tension in the US in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Was Alyson’s pictures staged or were actual health care professionals protesting?

According to Buzzfeed the exact truth behind the whole protest of the two counter protesters is unknown at the moment we are unable to independently verify if they were employed at any local hospitals.

Alyson McClaran Denver Nurse Protest Pictures

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