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Viy Cortez



Biography of Viy Cortez

Real Name: Viy Cortez
Age: (25-30yrs)
Country: Philippines
Husband: Cong TV
Career: Social Media Influencer & Popular Youtuber
Youtube Earnings: Worth $ 40.2K – $ 241K  Monthly

Social Media Links

Viy Cortez Youtube Channel:  Link Here
Viy Cortez Instagram Channel:  Link Here
Viy Cortez On Twitter:  Link Here

Who Is Viy Cortez


Viy Cortez is a Philippine Youtuber with over 2.19M subscribers making some really damn cash from her channel.


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Viy Cortez started out as a Youtuber with over 2 million subscribers and eventually branch out into other business adventures, she currently owns a food service business called Chiken Corner a catering service venture she launched on July 13th 2019 with her husband CongTV.

Who Is Viy Cortez’ Boyfriend & Husband

Viy Cortez is married to Cong TV who is also a Filipino YouTuber with over 3.1M suscribers, The Youtube channel has a net worth of $891,000 dollars as of April 2020.

Viy Cortez’s husband Cong TV is also One of the precious celeb listed in YouTube Star list, his estimated Net Worth in was 2019 over $100K-$1M.

Viy Cortez’s Youtube Stats


Viy Cortez joined Youtube on Apr 6, 2016 and have already gotten over 2.19M subscribers which is already making her one of the most Philippian popular youtube channel with an amazing subscribers.

Over the last few years Viy Cortez have had 178,881,997 views since she joined the biggest online video streaming network.

Viy Cortez makes a lot of cash from her Youtube account, she once revealed how her husband helped her turned into what she is today.


Viy Cortez estimated earnings by months

Viy Cortez net worth

Viy Cortez as a popular Youtuber with over 2 million subscribers it is estimated that she makes $15.1k per month and she is worth $ 40.2K – $ 241K.

Viy Cortez Lovely Pictures

Viy Cortez, Cong TV, Team Payaman and Family



  1. Chicken Feet Gang

    June 22, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    You’re so excited. Viy and Cong are not yet married. Cong said he will propose or be married to Viy 5years from now. Don’t spread fake news. Watch their vlogs for better informations.

  2. Lust

    October 4, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    R u fucking kidding me?. They are not married yet. Where did u gey that data?.

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