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Twitter Users Trolls Babes Wodumo For Murdering English In A Leaked Lock-down Video (Watch)



South African gqom artist and choreographer, Babes Wodumo has thrown the twitter community into frenzy, this time she got herself involved in murdering English when she was trying to express her anger towards the security men who while on lockdown rules blocked her from exiting her domain.

Babes who apparently wanted to violate the lock-down rules was not allowed by the policemen to have her exit, no wonder she couldn’t hold her anger but still decided to tell the police officers her reasons why they should allow her pass through the blocked gate. she really murdered English in her sentence which got many people talking online. She said “Is our leaving why do must you….”. and moved back away from the gate while the policemen were watching in amazement.

This already has sparked controversy and outrage on the social media where alot of people doubted the video saying this couldn’t be Babes Wodomo making such out of English sentences. it is very obvious believe that Babes Wodumo did not passed her English classes well.

“Babes English was like Ha ana sistas please leave me out of this a social media user tweeted

Some have alredy concluded that they don’t blame her for the grammatical blunder she committed rather she was trying to verse her anger out to the security men standing behind the gate.


“Its so sad, with all the money spent on narcotics, she could have easily attended night school and polish on her queens, she is an artist and has to be able to read and understand her contracts.” Another user tweeted

This topic had got many people reacting differently to the entertainers style of English. read below.



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