Meet Tiffany Meier one of the NTD’s workers who have been on the front line reporting news about coronavirus even after it’s first outbreak started in Wuhan which was actually the epicenter of the virus earlier last few months.

Tiffany Meier Profile

Biography & Biografia

Real Name Tiffany Meier
Age About 30-35yrs
Country America
Marital Status Not Known
Career Journalist & Musician

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Tiffany Meier is a New York-based NTD web writer with a focus on entertainment news. She has a Bachelor of Arts in music and film from Sarah Lawrence College. She is currently a journalist at NTD Television.

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Education & Career

Tiffany Meier started her educational journey in Santa Barbara City College in 2012 and graduated in 2014, later she went to Sarah Lawrence College where she obtained her degree on Bachelor of Arts BA, Musci and Film in 2014 to 2018.

Career Experience Of Tiffany Meier

She is a journalist working with NTD Television

NDT Television – Full Time.
Since September 2018 – Present.

Music Librarian

Staunton Music Festival.
On May 2017 – Aug 2018.

She compiled and organized all the music for the festival, coordinated with the directors of the festivals, the conductors, as well as the musicians to make sure the music was the right version, had the same measure numbers, etc.

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Created parts from scores when needed.

She is also in-charge of making hard copies of the music for musicians, which included enlarging the music or shrinking it down to fit a page.

Relationship & Marriage

No relationship info to show will update soon!! but it looks like Tiffany is in a relationship even though she have always kept her relationship affairs hidden from the outside world.

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