A video have gone viral on TikTok following the humiliation and racial treatment of Chinese people towards black fellows in their country, this video was shared on Tiktok of a black woman asked to avoid entering a shopping center in China.

This is the current situation of in Asia’s most populated country, China. They are not allowed to get inside the shopping center, they are driving away from their houses and hotels.

See what Black people are going through in China! The Racism hurts, seeing people who look like me get abused and denied essential services just because they have melanin too” an online user tweeted

According to rumors going on following this new development says that the Chinese government now believe that black people are not welcome because they are the cause of Coronavirus.

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In the video the black woman wanted have her way inside a mall but the Chinese security men refused her entrance but asked the white woman following her to go inside the shopping center.

This current situation of blacks been treated as fagots and carriers of the deadly coronavirus which formally originated in Wuhan, China is completely an act of racism and no government should accept such inhuman treatment.

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