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Meet the Baguio City Councilor and renown retired police Colonel Roberto “Bobby” C. Ortega known in the 80s for his crime-busting career and nicknamed “Markang Bungo“. Bobby died two years ago peacefully on Sunday after in his house in San Fernando City, La Union.

Bobby Ortega Biography | Biografia

Real Name: Roberto “Bobby” C. Ortega
Age: Uknown
Country: Philippines
Career: City Councilor & Retired Policeman
Death: Died

Early Life & Career Of Bobby Ortega

He started his policing career from 1985 to 1987 when he became the Chief of Police of Baguio wherein which he brought down the city’s crime rate by 95% per cent. He eliminated criminal syndicates in the city. It was rumoured and believed that bobby at that time would give fare money to criminals and tell them to leave the city or else face his wrath and when they realized how serious he is they will flee the city in fear.

The stories of how Bungo cleaned the city of criminality would be re-told over and over by Baguio older folks who would still remember how safe it is to walk around the city without having to fear of snatchers and the halang ang bituka.

How Bobby (Bungo) Left His Security Career And Entered Baguio Politics.

The Ortegas started his political dreams back in 1901 when their patriarch Joaquin Ortega was appointed Governor for La Union by the Taft Commission. Since then, the Ortegas had been well-loved by the people of La Union, and wherever an Ortega goes, he brings with him the desire and heart to serve.






This was how Bobby served and will continue to serve Baguio, and his son (Roberto Jr.) serves and will continue to serve Manila.

Bungo was first elected as City Councilor in 1995, and as a councillor, he has been fighting drugs. (Did you notice that we don’t have big-time drug syndicates in the city?)

His 70’s (proud of it and definitely doesn’t look it), he is running for re-election as City Councilor. As one of the city’s councillors, Bungo had the following accomplishments (among others):

Few Things You Need To Know About Bobby Ortega

Bobby Ortega was behind the approval of the ordinance appropriating fund for rewards to informers in Manila.

Bobby moved for the approval of the resolution requesting the BCPO to increase police visibility in every pedestrian lane in the central business district in the City of Baguio particularly the blue lanes for Senior Citizens to ensure the safety and protection of pedestrians passing by.

He contributed to the approval of the resolution requesting all business establishments in the City of Baguio to Install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras within their respective premises. This is helping a lot in the resolution of crimes in the city.

Moved for the approval of the resolution on levelling of manhole covers and cross gutters with roads and sidewalks. Yes, this is so commonsensical, but it has to take an Ortega to take notice of it and do something about it.

Bobby moved for the approval of the resolution on reiteration on the management of school canteens regarding the sale of soda drinks.

He moved for the approval of the resolution requesting the 128 Barangays in the City to supervise and monitor vendors and stores selling tobacco products within 100 meters from any point of the perimeter of a school. If not for Bungo, you would still see cigarette vendors at the gate of your children’s school.

Moved for the approval of the resolution on inspection of boarding houses, apartments and dormitories.

Bobby Ortega moved for the approval of the Resolution Implementing a “Keep right system” on all walking lanes for pedestrians in the City of Baguio.

What Killed Bobby Ortega The Baguio City Councilor And A Renown Retired Police Colonel

Bobby Ortega died in 2017 after the news of his death was revealed by his brother Mario Ortega, the councillor of Baguio was declared dead by the physician at Lorma Medical Center at 1:30 p.m., after battling with cancer for three years.

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