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Covid-19 Updates: South Africa Records Two New Deaths And 2,783 Total Cases Of Coronavirus



The total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in South Africa is now 2783 and two new deaths with a remarkable total number of 903 recoveries.

The news came in after the president Cyril Ramaphosa declined on the request made by the The Gauteng Liquor Forum to sell alcoholic liquor during lockdown periods.

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According to  NICD who shared the news on twitter captioned “Today we regrettably report 2 new #COVID19 related deaths. We convey our condolences to the families and also appreciate the health workers who were treating the deceased patients.”

The rate of testing is increasing and the rate of infection is on the way high up so are the fatalities.

Many believes that reason for the sudden spike in the increase could be that a lot of people are not taking coronavirus cases seriously and even abiding by the rules of government on lock-down rules.

The county seems to be going on the opposite direction as to other countries. Lockdown first, then massive infections and deaths once they let all the cattle out of their pens. Where do you think everyone will go once they get out? Liquor stores, restaurants, take away will be packed.

Some folks are already  making conclusions that the country is gradually coming closer to the time when the entire townships will be under siege and It looks unavoidable at this stage. It’s not being negative; it’s being realistic.

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