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Zekhethelo From Uzalo



Meet Nyalleng Thibedi popularly known as “Zekhethelo” one of the South African finest actress making wave on Msanzi SABC’s popular television show Uzalo where she made her first step into the make believe business.some believe that Nyalleng groomed her way into acting as therapy and eventually made the big step into Uzalo that brought the fame and popularity she needed, let’s see few things about this lady taking up the character “Zekhethelo in Uzalo”

Biography | Biografia

Real Name Nyalleng Thibedi

 37 Years Old

Country  Soweto, Gauteng South Africa
Career Acting , Modelling
Marital Status Single Mother

Nyalleng Thibedi ‘s Websites and Social Links

Instagram Nylleng Thibedi Instagram Link
Facebook, @princessnyalleng
Twitter Nyalleng Thibedi Twiiter Link

Where Did Nyalleng Thibedi Come From

Nylleng Thibedi come from Soweto where was born and grew up although we have not been able to verify her exact early life and family background but we know that Nylleng is a special child made for great things.

How Old Is Nyalleng Thibedi (Zekhethelo) Uzalo Actor

Nylleng Thibedi said she was born in September 4th with no precise year mentioned but she looks like a lady in her 20s.

Education, Career & Fame

Nyalleng Thibedi is University graduate who obtained her degree from University Of Cape Town on Chemical engineering in 2001, she never ended up with that as she went further to cap her pursuit for knowledge with a degree in acting which she did in New York. she have also taken up various acting roles in several movie productions in New York throught the time she was pursuing her studies. Nyalleng featured in several movies while working with New York Film Academy after she graduated in late 2012 which one of her work was a “Picture Perfect” which she did in 2008. What about “Streets Of Mangaung” a movie feature where she got a police role and several other guest roles attached.

Nyalleng taking up Zekhethelo’s character on SABC1 soap opera Uzalo in 2013 was not her first appearance on Television some folks will think, she has featured on several other films and movies like “The Society”, “iLobolo” and “Single Mothers” but her acting in “Uzalo” paved a huge way to limelight and that has attributed so much to her sudden fame and  popularity in the showbiz industry.

Nyalleng is not only into acting or film making she has another good side which so many people don’t know, she is a model who have attracted so many brand ambassador’s endorsements and commercials, advertisements with companies like Cell C, JET Stores, DSTV, Standard Bank and Castle Lite to mention but few, the lady is indeed a big girl.


Is Zekhethelo (Nyalleng Thibedi) From Uzalo Married

Far much from what we know about the Nyalleng we don’t know if she is married or not but she is a mother with a son, a shocking news she will never hide from anybody, hope you will be asking by now she got her son when she is not married, well not much we can scrap from Nyalleng’s love life, we don’t know who she is in love with or her husband but she has a fine young man as a son.

Is Zekhethelo Nkunzi’s Daughter On Uzalo

Several times we have heard people saying that it could be possible that Nkunzi is Zekhthelo’s (Nylleng in real life) real daughter,This came after a woman called Mapadi showed up at Nkunzi’s house and claimed that Zekhethelo is her daughter in the film “Uzalo” but the rumor and chorused questions have been debunked and proved not true. Zekhthelo is not Nkunzi’s real daughter.

Pictures Of Nyalleng Thibedi (Zekhethelo) Uzalo Actor

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