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Cecilia Molokwane Profile – Who Is She?



Meet Cecilia Molokwane won the Administrator of the Year prize while running the head administration of the club since last year 2019.

Biography | Biografia

Real Name: Cecilia Molokwane
Age: Should be in her 50s
Career: Head Netball South Africa  Fedration
Hebron, North-West, South Africa
Marital Status: Married

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Instagram: Cecilia Molokwane Instagram
Facebook: Cecilia Molokwane Facebook Link

Few Things You Need To Know About Ceilia Molokwane

Cecilia Molokwane is the president of Netball South Africa Federation since 2019, She went into quarantine for two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 in April 2020.

She was born in Hebron, North-West, South Africa where she grew up as a child.

Cecilia Molokwane currently lives in Polokwane with her wonderful family.

Cecilia went to Tsogo High school in the Class of 1992 and studied at the University of Limpopo.




Family  & Marriage

Cecilia Molokwane is married to her lovely husband with three kids.

Cecilia Molokwane Coronavirus Story


It was on April 2020, The president of the Netball Federation of South Africa tested positive to coronavirus and that resulted to a public outcry from various quarters of the sports federation informing and warning anyone that had been with her to have themselves tested and self-isolate.

Mrs Molokwane travelled to the United Kingdom and prior to her arrival into the country had made several meetings with the heads of various sports federations, she met the minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa.



While speaking from a source she revealed that she had tested positive to the virus and her doctor have recommended having her self isolate.
“Following my results, both my Medical Doctor Sam Manthata and MEC for Health in Limpopo Dr. Phophi Ramathuba recommended that I be in quarantine for at least two weeks before I can retest again,” she said.

“It is such an exhausting exercise however it’s worth it to be self-quarantined for my sake and the sake of those close to you. I have a 3-year-old daughter not being able to even give her a hug is a nightmare; one needs to be self-disciplined because the virus doesn’t move however people do.

On Saturday 4th April 2020 the new results from her doctor showed that she has tested negative and have finally made a full recovery, she even said that none of her relatives and colleagues she met prior to her arrival had tested positive to the virus.

Pictures Of Cecilia Molokwane

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