Who Is Keniebi Okoko ?

Keniebi Okoko is a Bayelsa-born billionaire businessman and philanthropist and a clergy man. Keniebi Okoko is not dead. On April 15 2020, the internet got buzzed up after the rumour that Keniebi Okoko is dead. It circulated all over the social throwing many Bayelsans into mourning. Keniebi contested for Peoples Democratic party (PDP) Bayelsa governorship primary election but did not come out victorious. On this post we are going to give you brief information about Billionaire Keniebi Okoko.

Keniebi Okoko Profile

Name  Keniebi Okoko
Age  Early 40’s
Career Businessman, Pastor
Rumored Dead April 15 2020

Keniebi Okoko Education & Qualifications

Ken obatained his economist degree from the University of Port Harcourt,

He holds a Political Science degree from the renowned Carlton University in Canada.

Keniebi completed his Post Graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania on Strategic

He obtained his Harvard Business School High Potentials Leadership Programme in 2014 and 2015 respectively, he participated in the HBS Finance for Senior Executives Programme.

Things You Need To Know About Keniebi Okoko

Keniebi Okoko, Bayelsa-born billionaire businessman, philanthropist and a pastor.

Keniebi Okoko is a pastor of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt.

He contested for Bayelsa primary for the governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party last year’s Nigeria 2019 general election.

Okoko was in his early 40’s

Keniebi is also the son of Professor Kimse Okoko, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Uyo and former President of the Ijaw National Congress (INC).

He  attended University Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), Choba.

Okoko is the founder and CEO KDI Group.

He also reported to be involved in oil and gas business.

He was reputed to be the godson of former Nigerian leader, Goodluck Jonathan.

Okoko attended University Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), Choba.

Keniebi Okoko Dead or Alive?

On April 15, 2020 Bayelsa Born Billionaire Businessman, Keniebi Okoko was rumored to have died during liposuction surgery in a Lagos Hospital. But shortly after the rumour that Okoko’s is dead news surfaced online again that Keniebi Okoko is not dead but he is alive on intensive care unit in Lagos Hospital.

According to NAIJA LIVE TV, A reliable source close to the Bayelsa born Billionaire said on Whatsapp Messager that He died a painful death from the Anesthesia Liposuction.

The source said; “while the operation was going successful, there was a power outbreak in the hospital”.

The Source said; “Doctors in the hospital tried all their possible best to put on the Generator in the hospital but Generator refuse to start