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Zanele Maseko



Meet Zanele Maseko one of the South African early Mina Nawe music group that won 2000 multi-award winning Afro-soul in 2006. she is one of the music group leading songstress.

Zanele Maseko along with with her music group rose to fame after they released their hit single “where I wanna be”.

Who Is Zanele Maseko


Real Name  Zanele Maseko
Age  36yrs
Career  Musician
Birth Place South Africa
Death  Died April 12th 2020

Early & Career

Zanele Mazet Maseko started her music journey with then popular music group Mina Nawe Group and she was opportune to be their lead songstress, the group became popular after they released their hit single titled “Where I Wanna Be” in 2006.

Although rumors have it that the music group went defunct after disintegrating at their early stage which the original groups members were J-luv, Carlo and Mazet who is now late. They  were one of the most loved groups in the early 2000s with songs such as  Le Ngoma Pt. 1. and where I wanna be,  The music group gave Mzansi many Afro-pop hits single that many people today will never forget.

How Did Zanele Maseko Died And What Killed Her

Zanele Mazet Maseko died on 12 April 2020, after the group confirmed her death on their social media platforms.
“It is with shattered hearts we announce that we’ve lost a big part of who we are as a band and family. Our songstress Zanele ‘Mazet’ Maseko passed away this morning,” they twitted

Although the cause of her death was not revealed but Mina Nawe group member Carlo Nutty Mpanza Confirmed her death on Facebook saying Mhlaba kawunoni yet again ungekile..I’m crushing and broken badly,Angikholwa I’m lost kazi ngiyophola kuloku?

Memorable Pictures Of Zanele Mazet Maseko

Zanele Mazet Maseko with the Mina Nawe Group 

Zanele Mazet Maseko with the Mina Nawe Group  in 2006

Zanele Mazet Maseko with great smiles

Zanele Mazet Maseko pictures

Zanele Mazet Maseko poses for a shot

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