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”I Don’t Have To Tweet It” – Cassper Reacts After Tweeps Accused Him Of Not Helping Less Privilege



Cassper Nyovest seems not be on the part of celebrities who show off their donations to the less privilege on social media. The South African rapper has reacted to the claims by twitter users that he doesn’t offer help to the less privilege.

The whole thing started after a twitter user in a series of tweets asked Cassper what he is doing to alleviate the poor amidst the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus. The tweets reads.. “Yo.. People are busy helping the less fortunate get by in this time.. What are you doing?”

Reacting to the tweets Cassper Nyovest replied the twitter user stating that he doesn’t have to tweet about how he helps the less fortunate and cautioned the user to mind his business.

Below is Cassper Nyovest tweet reply

“I’m also helping the less fortunate but I don’t tweet it. I don’t have to tweet it. Yall don’t know what Yall want. If someone posts pictures helping, yall say they doing it for attention. When we don’t post yall think we are not helping. Mind your damn business!!!”

Meanwhile Cassper Nyovest is still buzzing and topping the music since after the release of his latest track ”Amadimoni”. About the coronovirus issue, Cassper also that the pandemic will seriously affect musicians who solely depends on shows to earn their living.

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