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Zidane Hamid Bio, Wiki, Age

Baby genius!! Zidane Hamid is a youngest microsoft office specialist. He populary known as little professor. Zidane Hamid was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. Zidane Hamid has stunned the world in the fields of art, science, literature, technology, geography, sports. On May 2019, Zidane Hamid got the Guinness World record in Chemistry after arranging all the elements in just 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Zidane Hamid has delivered lectures in his relevant fields on different topics of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Geography, Geology, Astronomy, IT, History, Poetry, Religion, and different Social topics.

Gender Male
Name Zidance Hamid
Age 10 years
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistanian
Parents Unknown
Birth Date January 3, 2020

Who Zidane Hamid?

Born on January 3, 2010, Zidane Hamid popularly known as little is a Pakistani wonder kid who is doing well in the science field. At age 3, Zidane Hamid started delivering lectures at schools, colleges, universities and events related to different subjects. Zidane Hamid is currently the youngest speaker of the world.

Zidane Hamid Titles

Source of Inspiration
The Little Professor
Miracle Baby
The Chemistry Cockroach
The Youngest Speaker
Future Scientist

This super genius, multi-talented, young hero is the pride of Pakistani nation. He has earned a number of titles which include: Source of Inspiration, The Little Professor, , , The Youngest Speaker and Future Scientist.

Zidane is doing home education. His home is a laboratory, a library, a school, a university, and a play land for him. He believes that he owes his success to his family as they have been the greatest support in his activities.

It is his curiosity that leads him to think out of the box. He is genuinely focused on his academics and is interested in executing every part of knowledge he gets through studies.

This talent house is world’s youngest MS Office Specialist. At the age of 5, he passed the Microsoft certification in MS Office 2010. But this is not the limit. He has remarkable knowledge of various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Geology, Astronomy, IT, Health Sciences, Sports, Political Science, Environmental Sciences, Languages and History.

Zidane Hamid Hobbies He loves playing Video Games, Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Boxing. He likes reading poetry. He loves travelling and photography

Zidane Hamid has the attribute of humility in him that is why he is loved by everyone come across him. He is also a peace maker.

According to Zidane Hamid on what he will do if given opportunity to help people he sadi, if ever given an opportunity, he

Zidane Hamid in his new statement advised upcoming geniuses is to be sincere with their studies, indulge in healthy activities, regard their elders and know the worth of their time.

Zidane Hamid Awards

Youngest Microsoft office Professional
Nov 21, 2015

Youth Pakistan Award’ by JI Youth Pakistan
Conventional Center Islamabad Dec 27, 2015.

Positive face of Pakistan Award’ by National Youth Assembly Pakistan, at National Library of Pakistan. April 02, 2017

Zidane Hamid World Record

The young genius Zidane Hamid made history after making a world record. He received the Guinness Book of World Record by making chemistry’s periodic table in a short time.

Zidane has made this record at a young age of 9. Zidane Hamid broke the world record by assembling all the elements of periodic table in a short time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

Earlier, this record was made by Professor Vilas Pol of America’s Prude University who attempted to set the base world record for fastest time to assemble a periodic table. After two botched attempts because of mistakes in the table, Pol had achieved the record on the third try in 8 minutes and 36.25 seconds.

Not only did he break the world record, who broke his own record too by assembling the periodic table almost 1 minute prior to his earlier record at Pakistan Science Foundation.

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