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Nigeria’s Consul-General In China Confronting A Chinese Officials Over Their Racist Maltreatment Of Nigerians In China Over Covid-19 (VIDEO)



China chases Africans away from their homes after collecting rents from them and accuses them of spreading the coronavirus.

On a video trending on twitter was a Nigeria’s Consul-General in China confronting a Chinese officials over the racist maltreatment of Nigerians in China, who were forced out of their apartments and hotels they paid for over coronavirus rhetorics in China.

According to a Nigerian student schooling in China said that they were accusing Africans of having the virus when already they have paid rent to them and after collecting the rent they chased the out of their houses. “Since last night we have been sleeping outside” the Nigeria student said

China said that their reasons for harassing African nationals is because they brought the coronavirus into their country,the footage of hundreds of Africans on the streets of Guangzhou have gone viral on social media, creating an unusual outrage from the community worldwide, with many African community calling china “racist” for targeting Africans in the country and even led the hashtag #ChinaMustExplain to become a trending topic on Twitter.

Kenyans among Africans ejected from homes in Beijing , Africans are denied access to supermarkets, public transport. Kenyans affected have been forced to sleep in the cold.

“Africans living in China are being harassed with claims that they’re spreading coronavirus in China,” commented another “They’re being denied access to food, shelter, means of transport. African governments should move swiftly and evacuate their people before it turns xenophobic.”

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