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Meet Oratile, Vinolia Mashego Son [Photo]



Vinolia Mashego’s son “Oratile couldn’t still hold himself after the shocking demise of his mother. According to reports Oratile cried profusely when the news that his mother’s dead body was discovered in her apartment. Oratile asked that the family should excuse him so he can talk to his mom alone. He really is not talking well.

According to Vinolia Masego’s father, his wife has been shattered since she heard that her daughter is no more. She has refused food and medics.

He said that mourning someone they cared about was natural, and they had to experience it to work through it. “But our eventual goal should be to celebrate life instead of mourning death.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot since Vinolia passed away. Her long-term struggle with a bad lifestyle was no secret. Although her death was premature and I do believe the world has lost one of its greatest live wires and entertainers, she died with dignity in her own home – not something a lot of people get to do,” her father said.

Meet Vinolia Mashego’s Son, Oratile Below:-

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