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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Begs For Shimza’s Forgiveness After He Slammed Ceega wa Meropa For Requesting A Lock-down Invite For His Shows



Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has ask all South African to pardon Shimza as he regrets his actions for saying that Ceega wa Meropa is annoying after he ask him for his invite in one of his lock-down shows.

The MP tweeted this on Friday evening urging the entire public to forgive the entertainer, he said that Shimza is no exception that his reaction, however were regrettable and he must be seen as human. hopeful that he will acknowledges how wrong his actions have jeopardized his entire music career and his fanbase and believed he will retract his steps asking all fans to move on to support his career.

“These are difficult times for all us & Shimza is no exception. His reaction, however regrettable, must be seen as human. I hope he acknowledges that he has erred, retract, & we can all move on to support his great initiative meant to support all artists from all walks of life!”


Shimza on the other hand replied him and said that he will be happy to retract unreservedly that he meant not to attack Ceega wa Meropa rather it was his frustration of having to sift through his mentions especially because he had explained that his shows was prerecorded.

“I hear you grootman, and I am happy to retract unreservedly – this was in no way an attack on an artist more than it was my frustration having to sift through my mentions – especially because I had explained that this show was prerecorded.”


He went further to explain his reasons, “I work with various artists on all of my projects. Artists I look up to that guide me and artists that look up to me. The platform is for artists, but because of the lockdown limitations it had to be prerecorded. there was no way of making any changes once the show was packaged.”

Although the response from the music artist did not sit well with Ceega wa Meropa fans, some labelled Shimza arrogant while others said he knows that he plays better music than him, he always think he is jesus in music.

Some people even went further to attack MP member, Mbuyiseni for demanding Shimza’s pardon on twitter  when he already know how arrogant Shimza is.

“If you are a public figure you should always humble yourself because udla ngabantu and your existence depends on people. So all he needed to do was to apologize to the guy.” A guy dropped this advice to Shimza

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