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Lockdown Regulations Violated: Police Storms Villages And Spill Their Pot Of Meat While On Fire (Pictures)


Police angrily took laws into their hands  when they stormed a village in Cape town and spilled their pot of  meat on the ground  rather disperse the crowd during a  lockdown.


Many people frowned at  the level of  South African police actions on the people by saying that  they empowered to execute such punishment? Shouldn’t they arrest and leave the court to decide the punishment? The reality is that if the perpetrators were whites, they wouldn’t act with such impunity.

“Although not everyone has a T.v. and many households in villages are headed by elderly people. Many villages hardly see police or are well informed about this. It’s the police responsibility to go into communities and talk to leaders to advise villagers to postpone. This is nonsense.” another guy said

Some even encourage their actions saying that the police did what they were employed to do by making sure that food is precious and there are those who are in need of food but then this wouldn’t have happened if people adhered to the rules!

People who disrespect law should be treated as such. We can’t encourage lawless hence the schools are burning, Rules are rules they should respect that.

Coronavirus is a very serious matter in fact the government of South Africa is trying to save their lives.

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