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Sam “Mshengu” Chabalala’s Wife Shares A Raunchy Post On Whatsapp (Screenshot)



Multimillionaire trucker businessman Sam “Mshengu” Chabalala’s wife have gone viral again this time for posting a raunchy post on her Whatsapp page on Thursday.

The viral post had the image of the woman almost half naked and on pants blocked with a laughing emoji with a caption –
“Jesus please take the wheel because manje were competing with gays to bag Sam holdings” without actually boldly saying who she meant for while putting up such a viral post.”


Without knowing who she was trying to refer to about her post someone in his right senses will know she meant to relate the post to her husband.

Already last year, Sam “Mshengu” Chabalala went missing after he sent his wife and some of his employees a “suicide note”, claiming that his life was in danger Chabalala said he never wronged anyone and does not know what he has done to “deserve this”.

Chabalala was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, illegal entry and remaining within the borders of South Africa, and providing wrong information to be granted entry into the country.

He was later bailed out on R200,000 which was granted in September last year.

The Multimillionaire in his letter to his wife, Lerato Legodi, saying he was scared that he was going to be killed, many had wondered if actually Chabalala have an unsettled feud with his wife that made her to post such a comment on her  social media handle where everybody will see.

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