South African Former General Secretary Of The Congress To Trade Union, Vavi Zwelinzima Tests Positive To Coronavirus

Vavi Zwelinzima on Thursday briefed his status on the deadly coronavirus and said he tested positive.

According to Vavi who tweeted this in twitter page said he tested positive to Coronavirus after having a lingering flue since Friday, felt like to check for test on covid-19 and eventually the doctors instead to checked his temperature which appeared normal but the flu continued until Tuesday before he went back to the doctor and requested on proper testing and immediately his results came out positive.

“It’s true I tested positive to #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica Had a lingering flue since Friday! Felt I must act on caution & tested on Saturday but they only checked the temp which was normal.Flue persisted & Tuesday went back to the doc & insisted on proper testing – boom – positive.”

Although Vavi have finally been discharged from the hospital and but he is still on isolation and will still go for another test on Monday to ascertain his recovery and hopeful he will come by.

Vavi said his wife and his 7 year-old son have not showed any sign of the virus yet.

“I was discharged from hospital! Resting at home now but still in isolation. Will test on Monday but I remain positive that victory is certain! Thank you all of you for so much love and solidarity! My wife and 7 year old boy has shown no symptoms whatsoever!”