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Covid-19: I Was Joking, I Never Spoke To The Minister – Somizi Apologizes To Mbalula Fikile



South African television presenter, radio personality, choreographer, actor and singer, Somizi Mhlongo has apologized to Mbalula Fikile, the minister of transportation for sharing “a dangerous joke” with a friend during a live Instagram story about him.

Somizi Mhlongo in a three seconds video he uploaded to his social media handle said he was just joking and never spoke with the minister Mbalula Fikile.

”I will like to apologize to Mbalula Fikile Honorable minister for making a joke like that and will like to apologize to everyone who might have been offended, it was just a joke”, Somizi said.

While Mbalula Fikile  have said that the government is focusing on providing vital support for businesses in distress, as well as the many South African workers who are facing loss of income. According to him special facilities are being equipped to accommodate those who test positive for Covid-19 and cannot self-isolate at home. Government is implementing a range of financial support measures to assist small businesses and bolster the South African economy during this crisis.

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