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Covid-19: EFF Reacts To 14-Day Extension Of The Lockdown



South African far-left Pan-Africanist political party (EFF) has reacted to the  two weeks extension of the Lockdown in South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa had today announced the extension of the lockdown by a further two weeks. South Africa has 1845 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 18 deaths.

EFF in an official statement released today they welcomed the extension of the Lockdown by additional 14 days as a measure to contain and subsequently eleiminate the spread of COVID-19.

Read Below The Full Statement..

The Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the extension of the the lockdown by additional 14 days as a measure to contain and subsequently eliminate the spread of COVID-19. We call on all the people of South Africa to abide by all the Lockdown regulations until the rapid spread of the virus has been contained and risk of further infections eliminated. We believe that it should only be a scientific and data based analysis of the spread that should lead to the suspension of the Lockdown.

Whilst we welcome the extension of the lockdown we are not convinced that Government has taken adequate measures to mitigate against the economic and subsistence consequences on ordinary people. We call on Government to impose an interest free payment holiday for three months for all people who cannot afford to make the monthly payments due to the lockdown. The President and COVID-19 command Council are tip-toeing around the financial services sector and are afraid to provide decisive and clear direction that will insulate our people from he economic jeopardy of further exclusion and repossession of their vehicle, business and houses. This points to the reality that the financial services sector, particular banks have disproportionate political control of the elected government.


We call on Government to immediately place a moratorium on all forms of repossessions by banks and all creditors. We call for a complete end to evictions from properties and land occupied for residential purposes. We call for moratorium of lease cancellations of small and medium business that lease agreements with property companies, particularly malls. We call for  humane system that does not inject further suffering on the lives of the people. we call on all authorities to immediately stop politicizing the distribution of basic services to our communities. No government official or public should be allowed to distribute food parcels


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