Fazila Malek Case Postponed To Thursday After She Appeared In Court Coughing Excessively, looks ill.

Travel agent Fazila Malek appeared in the Lenasia Magistrates Court on Wednesday with charges of fraud and corruption, but her case have been postponed till Thursday after she showed up in court looking excessively ill.

Fazila will be is applying for a formal bail application, The State claims there are 10 dockets totaling R5,5 million . She alleged to have defrauded pilgrims planning to travel for Umrah for their pilgrimage.

The report has it that her travel company New Heights have failed to refund their customer who paid and booked for Umrah packages during last year’s hajj.

Although Fazila has denied all the allegation labeled against her saying that her customers needed to be patient as she already made plans for an alternative arrangements to refund them back their money in full.

She will remain in custody until her next appearance in court.