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Stephen Birch Arrested For Fake News Video On Covid-19 Tests Have Been Released



Stephen Birch has been released on warning after releasing a fake viral video where he said medical swabs used for covid-19 testing were contaminated with the Corona Virus. Birch was arrested outside Cape Town, Parow on Monday .

His baseless claims landed him in some serious trouble with the authorities getting him imprisoned, Stephen had once been involved in a recent fake news peddling after he reported the Madeleine McCann sudden disappearance last five years ago after the British tot went missing.


The video had Stephen warning the nationals to refuse Covid-19 testing kits and avoid getting tested because they where contaminated with the deadly coronavirus.

Lately Stephen  claimed that he had uncovered a ground scan which contain human remains near the location of the missing Madeleine. few years ago, the Madeleine story almost got him into trouble after the forensic department  debunked his alleged fake report.


Although many South Africans have a different view on Stephen’s arrest some said that the government are only after a different set of people and leaving the elites in the country to do what they like.

One person on  twitter said ” Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams enjoyed a meal with her friends and other people and she was not arrested, a couple was arrested during a wedding.,, rules are not applied equally here.”

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