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Minister Mdu Manana And Stella Ndabeni-Abrams Violates Lockdown Rules, Hosts Dinner Party Amid Coronvirus Pandemic ( Picture & Video)



Communications Minister Mdu Manana and  Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams’ under fire for possible violation of lockdown regulations.

The minister was posted on social media seated eating and  wining at the dining  table with some of her guests in the house, according to the picture the former education minister Mdu Manana  was also pictured seen alongside the minister’s family enjoy their meal together.

Most concern South Africans have already expressed shock and entirely disappointed over the manner the minister responded to the government instruction on lockdown regulation intended to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

According to the tweet posted by the popular social media handle managed by Man’sNot Barry Roux captioned “Deleted Instagram Pic of Mdu Manana and Stella Ndabeni-Abrams violating the lockdown rules.” with the picture of the minister eating with his family and the invited guest.

But barley few hours the picture was posted on social media the it has been already deleted

Many people said for the minister to have deleted the picture shows how terrible their actions is, to first break the regulations, and then try to hide it says a lot about the so-called leaders.

The president Cyril Ramaphosa have already summoned the two ministers for hosting a dinner party after she was exposed violating the government-imposed lockdown.

Mr President on Tuesday while speaking to the media after he visited the Rand water said he had seen the picture of Ndabeni-Abrahams having lunch with former deputy minister Mduduzi Manana and have summoned the minister to come for questioning on the said visuals.

“I have seen the picture of minister Ndabeni Abrahms sitting at a luncheon with a number of friends and other people, I have asked her to come and see me so she is going to come and see me and I am going to have a discussion with her about the impact of visuals like those on what we are trying to do,” Ramaphosa said.

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