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“The World Does Not Need A Capitalist Like Bill Gate To Fight Covid-19” – Mbuyiseni Ndlozi



Dr Mbuyiseni Ddlozi said that Africans and the world should be opposed to anyone in the world using healthcare to MAKE MONEY, PROFIT! So the world DOES NOT NEED CAPITALISTS LIKE BILL GATES to fight Covid_19!  Profit Maximization is the reason why we are in a crisis of healthcare in the first place! Cuba can give us the vaccine!

that it was the love for money that made Bill Gates to drop out off school and became a rich man.

He said this on Monday through his twitter handle saying that South Africans will become emotional when you tell them that the world number one richest man, Bill Gates is a University drop out but celebrate when they hear that Zuma’s story.

He went further to reveal that it was because of the love for money that made Bill to leave school while in Harvard University.

“People become emotional when you say Bill Gates is a university drop out. These are the same people who would celebrate when same is said about Zuma!
Stop being emotional for nothing! POINT is: Gates loves money so much he left school to go become rich. That’s what drives him!”

It looks like Mr Mbuyiseni is speaking against Bill Gates recent comments on releasing vacine against the deadly coronavirus already ravaging the entire world, Bill recently said he will first introduce the vaccine for testing in Africa while speaking with Trevoh Noah on Sunday in his Television reality show, the Billionaire said that Africa as a continent will be a perfect testing ground for his new vaccine.

“Why its important for you to know that a smart person dropped out of varsity to GO MAKE MONEY? Because it means HE CARES FOR MONEY! Same person, with shares in pharmaceuticals, cannot be developing vaccines out of benevolence: his goal is MORE MONEY! So, Develop vaccine yourself!” Mbuyiseni said

Many South Africans on twitter were trying to revolt back on what Mr Mbuyiseni comment about Bill vaccine plans, someone said that the billionaire should not be blamed for his humanitarian help that he is trying to use his brilliant mind to exploit the pharmaceutical market for his own gain.

“You cannot blame him for seeing a gap in the market & use his brilliant mind to fully exploit it for his intellectual growth & later on financial benefit. He did not kill anyone not exploited anyone, but rather invented a product to take humanity forward.”

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