Two French doctors suggests that a testing for the deadly Coronavirus vaccine should be tested in Africa.

While discussing this on a French Television, the doctors said that if he should be proactive that a test on a modeled vaccine for Covi-19 should be studied in Africa because there are no mask, no treatment or any intensive care.


“If I could be provocative, shouldn’t we be doing this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatment, no intensive care, rather as was done with certain studies on AIDS, where things are tested on prostitutes because it’s known that they are highly exposed (to HIV)? What do you think?”

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How can a scientist in a field of Virology knowing fully well the potential and weight of carrying out a vaccine study which has no scientific backup on a continent of over 1.2 billion population, this is merely a racist intention and many Africans will not keep silent on this comment.


May be their idea for this could have come from  the fact that clinical trials find conditions in which large numbers of people are exposed to the disease, as this gives a better opportunity for testing a new drug but if that be the case China should be a potential candidate for this or either India because these countries have huge number of people potential enough to give credible and better opportunity for testing.

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This has already sparked up criticism which got the attention former Chelsea and Marseille striker Drogba who criticized the remarks about testing in Africa.

He said “It is inconceivable that we continue to accept this. Africa is not a laboratory. I strongly denounce these very serious, racist and contemptuous words,”


Out of  prejudice the french scientists later apologized for any offence caused if their comments had not been clear, former international and Ivory Coast football star Didier Drogba joined lawyers and a French anti-racism organisation in criticizing the remarks made in a broadcast on the LCI channel.