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Italian Billionaire Feeling Disgust After Losing Wife And Kids To Coronavirus Falls From His 20th Floor Of His Tower (Video)



An Italian Billionaire has allegedly committed suicide by jumping off  from  his  20th Floor of his tower soon after he lost his entire family to the deadly coronavirus.


According to the footage posted online the billionaire lost his entire family members to the ravaging epidemic going on in Italy caused by the dreadful Coronavirus.

Many are already tensed up with this monumental disaster, imagine the epilaeptic situation this most have caused the man after losing his family to this dreadful virus.

“Italian Billionaire commits suicide by throwing himself from 20th Floor of his tower after his entire family was wiped out by Coronavirus.”

In the Footage, the Billionaire was caught falling off from the tall building while passersby where drawn to the scene.

After this epidemic if at all it will certaily end one day many people’s lifes will never remain the

According to aljazeera, Italy’s death toll from the pandemic has risen from 812 to 11,591 so far and the total number of infected persons have surged up past 100,000 with 4,050 reported cases reported daily.

As of the filing of this report the police are already taking up investigation on the death and situation surrounding the man’s alleged suicide.


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